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How To Use Autocorrect Function On Galaxy S8 / S8+ Plus

There’s nothing more embarrassing than sending messages with typos or spelling errors. You’d hate other people thinking that you don’t know how to write correctly. And even though it might not be the case, just because you’re in a hurry and you neglect to skim your texts before hitting the send button, you might end up in this unpleasant situation.

Luckily, there is this extremely useful tool called Autocorrect in Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus. If you activate it, this function could help you many times. Nevertheless, you might also notice a tendency to correct some words that actually need no correction. Regardless of the reasons behind this inadequate editing, you need to know how to better control the Autocorrect.

In this article, we are going to show you how to activate and deactivate it however you feel the need. You may disable it permanently or just temporarily, for when you’re typing texts with special characters that have all the chances to trigger unnecessary correction hints. Now let’s get into details:


How to activate or deactivate Autocorrect on Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus

  • Access whatever app where the keyboard is active;
  • Look at the space bar and you should see a Dictation Key somewhere close to it;
  • Select that key and hold it;
  • Select the Settings option;
  • Under the Smart Typing section, tap on Predictive Text to disable it;
  • Look around at all the other options and see if you want to deactivate anything else – it can be punctuation marks, auto-capitalization, whatever.


This is the same path you will need to follow when you decide to reactivate the Autocorrect once again.

Can’t really follow these steps on your keyboard? It’s probably because you’re not using the Google keyboard, but rather a third-party one taken from Google Play?

This guide was specifically intended for the Google keyboard, so in your particular situation, the layout of the keyboard could vary. You just need to surf the menus and options until you find that Predictive Text function.

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