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How to use LG G6 Android Nougat Developer Options

Do you know what the Developer Mode? If you do not, it is because it’s very well hidden and it is not made for use of the public. If you have heard of it, it is most likely because you have already tested and tried everything you had on the new LG G6 and you are looking for something else.

Your thought is correct. There are a couple of new settings, controls, and features that you can gain access from Developer Mode. The good news is, accessing these features will not lead to any damage to your device personally because all you are doing is turning USB debugging for a couple of settings or advanced settings.

If you are interested in becoming a developer, you may want to install a couple of ROMs or third-party apps, which are some things you can do when using the hidden Developer Mode on LG G6.


How to use Developer Mode on LG G6

Hidden mode is not just hidden; it is really buried down deep at the very end of a selection of menus. The mode is practically invisible and will stay hidden if you do not do a couple steps to make it appear on the LG G6 menu.

Fortunately, the instructions allow it to be visible and enabled after you do it. After that, you will be able to explore Developer Mode on LG G6.


How To make Developer option visible in your menu…

  1. Navigate to your Home screen;
  2. Have the Menu opened;
  3. Click on Settings;
  4. Choose About Device;
  5. Locate the Build Number option;
  6. Click it a couple times in a row, until you see a prompt appear.
  7. Once that appears, click it four times and leave the menu.

Now, when you navigate to the Settings, you will see Developer option has appeared on the menu above “About Device”.


Click on option

Click the option and a window will pop up, choose the toggle for the Developer Mode. Now, you have turned on Developer Mode on LG G6 are unlocked the hidden features. Feel free to look around and test it.

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