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iOS 10.3 Group Messages Guide – How To Leave A Group

Do you spend a lot of time messaging with your friends from your iPhone or iPad? If you have common friends, you probably already created several group message chats. Now, did it ever happen to you to keep getting messages overtime and just wanting to get out of one group?

If it did, you should know that you have the option to either mute a group chat or to leave a group chat for good. In this article, we are going to discuss these two options with clear instructions that should be helpful to any iPhone and iPad in iOS 10.3 user. Read on for extra details about leaving group iMessage chats:


Leave group chat instructions

For the iPad or iPhone user, leaving a group message is rather simple. No need to get into the details of selecting your group preferences. You just get out of there and you won’t be bothered again:

  1. Open the group message in iOS 10.3;
  2. Go to the top-right corner of the screen;
  3. Tap on Details;
  4. You will see a context menu popping up, with:
    • Details of all the chat participants;
    • Some location data;
    • A summary of all the files (video, image, audio) attached to that thread;
  5. Look for the button labeled as “Leave this conversation” on red font – it should be right above the section with attachments;
  6. Tap on the “Leave this conversation” button.


By doing the entire above, you have chosen to leave the chat group. From now on, you will no longer receive messages from that group. Also, you won’t be able to join to group chat messages again.


Notethis particular method applies to group chats consisting exclusively of iMessage users. If your group has mixed iMessage and SMS users, you will either not be able to use the “Leave this conversation” button or it won’t be visible at all in your list of options. What you’ll see in the menu will very much depend on when did the SMS users enter the group.


Mute group chat instructions

Since once you leave a group chat you will no longer be able to come back, many users prefer to refrain from doing so. The alternative that they have at hand, in case that they need a pause, is to set their profile as “Do Not Disturb”.

With this status on, their mobile number or Apple ID will continue to be a part of that group, without getting the active conversations. If you’re interested in doing so:

  1. Go to Messages;
  2. Tap on a particular message you would want to mute;
  3. Select Details;
  4. Scroll down through the options you get;
  5. Select the Do Not Disturb button – you turn it on with just one tap.


From that moment on, no vibrations, no sounds, no Notification Center alerts coming from that specific group chat messages will bother you again.

While this isn’t a permanent solution, setting the Do Not Disturb status is still extremely handy. That’s because, as opposed to leaving the group, it works no matter what types of users you have on that group chat. Whether it’s iMessages only, SMS only or a mix of these two, you can always reduce the group to silence.

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