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Moving Apps In iOS 10.3 – iPhone And iPad Guide

Apple users often ask us advice on how you can move apps around in iOS 10.3. Such questions may come from iPhone and iPad users just the same, iPhone 7 users in particular, though this isn’t necessarily the norm.

Organizing the Home screen apps on any of these devices is simple and intuitive. Also, there’s more than one way to do it. But in today’s article, we’re going to focus on the simplest and most straightforward strategy. iPhone and iPad in iOS 10.3 users, read on and put it into practice.


The simple steps to adding or adjusting the apps on the Home screen:

  1. Access the Home screen of your iPad or iPhone in iOS 10.3;
  2. Find an empty space on the wallpaper;
  3. Press and hold down that space;
  4. When the Edit screen launches, tap on Widgets;
  5. Browse and select the widget you want to move on the Home screen;
  6. The widget will automatically appear on the Home screen and you can continue repeating these steps to add even more widgets.


Noteonce a widget was added to the Home screen, if you press and hold on it, you can easily customize its settings. Just the same, you can remove it, in case you have moved it by mistake.


The simple steps to rearranging the apps on the Home screen:

  1. Go to the Home screen;
  2. Select an app that you want to rearrange or to move around;
  3. Drag it to the place where you’d like to have it;
  4. Release the app and it should remain in the new location.


Whether you have an iPhone 7 or an iPhone 7 Plus, now you know how to personalize things a little bit on the Home screen. You can add new apps and widgets, you can delete them or just change their positions however you need. As you can imagine, instructions work for both the apps on the Home screen and the apps from the App Drawer.

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