Not Getting Texts On iPhone X – Fixed

Those that have bought the Apple iPhone X probably can’t stop using it. Many have called this the best smartphone that Apple has ever released and enjoy every aspect of the device. One issue that some people have reported about is not getting texts on iPhone X.

This problem has been mostly reported when trying to get texts from other people using an Android device and sometimes from those with an iPhone. While others have said that they can’t even send text messages on iPhone X.

But there’s some ways to fix this problem that you’re having with texts on iPhone X. We’ll be explaining a few different ways that you can solve not getting texts on iPhone X and even not being able to send texts. Follow the steps below to learn how to solve this issue.


How to fix iPhone X not getting text messages:

For those that don’t have possession of the iPhone you use to use before switch over to iPhone X, you’ll need to go to the Deregister iMessage page here

  1. Once you’ve gotten to that page, select on the option that says “No longer have your iPhone?”
  2. Enter the information that is needed like your phone number and anything else that is required
  3. Hit Send Code
  4. Now you should get a code on your iPhone X
  5. Enter that code into the area that says Enter Confirmation Code
  6. Now hit Submit button and you’ll be good to go


How to fix iPhone 10 not receiving text messages:

For those that still have the iPhone you last used before getting the iPhone X, the process to fix this problem is a little easier. What you need to do is:

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Tap on Messages
  3. Browse and pick on Send & Receive
  4. Select on Use your Apple ID for iMessage
  5. Enter your Apple ID info
  6. Find the area that says You Can Be Reached By iMessage and both your phone number and Apple ID filled out in this area


Once you’ve followed the steps above, you should be able to quickly and easily start receiving text messages on iPhone X again. This should also fix the problem that you may be having with sending texts on iPhone X as well.



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