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PS4 4.70 Firmware Has New Icons And Performance Increase

For those that have recently updated their PS4 to 4.70 firmware, you may have found some cool new features, but you could also be dealing with some issues with the PS4 4.70 update. Some issues that have been reported by users is black screen, and almost bricked consoles. Below is an example from a Reddit forum:


4.70 Almost Bricked My PS4 – Anyone Else? from PS4

Another user goes on to say that “Hey, I’ve just had a very similar problem. The ps4 got stuck on the wavy blue thing and after 5+ restarts it finally got to the main menu. Now I’ve got no playstation network connection.”

Sony still hasn’t announced any solutions for this problem as of yet, but it’s believed that Sony will release a patch to solve this problem as fast as possible.


Based from Sony’s website, they’ve added a new element to the firmware as part of the firmware. They say that users “can now view match results for each player” when playing PlayStation’s tournaments mode.

Another bonus that has been said to have been added by Sony is the “system software update improves system performance”.


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