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Screenshot On OnePlus 5 – Guide

Owners of the new OnePlus smartphone may be wondering how to screenshot on OnePlus 5. This process is just like other OnePlus models, and it’ll take a picture of what ever is on your screen.
For those that have bought a OnePlus phone for the first time or don’t remember from older models, we’ll be explaining how to screen capture on OnePlus 5. It’s very simple to do this and can be done quickly without much effort.

Being able to screengrab or screen capture is one of the most useful tricks on a smartphone. All you need to do is press a few buttons at the same time to take a screenshot on One Plus 5.


How to screenshot on One Plus 5:

All you need to do to take a screenshot on One Plus 5 is press and hold the power and volume buttons together until a camera type noises is made. After this noise has been made on your device, then you know the screenshot has been take correctly.

A quick preview will show up on the OnePlus 5 screen for a few seconds and then will disappear. If you want to view the screenshot later, just go into the gallery of the device to find the screen capture that you took.

Another trick to take a quick OnePlus 5 screenshot is by pulling down on the screen and going to the “Quick Settings” page. Once you get on this page, look for the settings icon and tap on it. Next tap on the screenshot button to turn on this quick settings feature. Once you’ve turned it on, you’ll see this widget as a shortcut.


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