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Text Message Forwarding For iOS 10.3 iPhone And iPad

Apple fans usually have more than one device. It could be an iPhone and an iPad or an iPhone and a Mac or even the three of them. Whatever the context, most users will need, at some point, to access this special function called text message forwarding.

Thanks to the text message forwarding feature, as long as you’re using the same Apple ID on two devices, you will be able to mirror whatever texts you’re getting on one device to the second device. The iOS 10.3 update particularly worked on improving this functionality.


Aside from using the same Apple ID, you will also need to:

  1. Use your Apple ID and sign into FaceTime with it;
  2. Add an email address to your iMessage account;
  3. Use FaceTime with your Apple ID/iCloud.


Once you cover this, you can proceed with the following steps for enabling text message forwarding on iOS 10.3:

  1. Access the settings of the iPhone;
  2. Tap on Messages;
  3. Go to Send & Receive;
  4. Select the option labeled as “Use your Apple ID for iMessage”;
  5. Type in your Apple ID username and the password;
  6. Enable the iMessage with an email already associated with your Apple ID – that email will have to accompany the phone number;
  7. Select an email address to enable iMessage;
  8. Hit the Next button;
  9. Under the iMessage settings tap on Text Message Forwarding;
  10. At this point, the messages on the Mac or iPad will automatically launch;
  11. A one-time verification code will also be generated;
  12. Use that code and insert it on your iPhone.


Notethese are the steps for enabling Text Message Forwarding on your iPhone alone. You will have to go through these steps all over again, next time on the other device where you want to mirror your text messages.


Once you’ve enabled this feature on both devices, the Text Message Forwarding should work flawlessly even when the devices are connected to different Wi-Fi networks.

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