Amazon Accidentally Leaks Your Information

If you received an email from Amazon recently, you may be a bit concerned. This is because Amazon emailed its users letting them know that their email addresses and names were made publicly visible in a “technical error” on their website. Amazon has yet to make let the public know how many people were affected. However, if you did not receive an email from the company, your information was not made public as you would have received an email if it was.

In the email that Amazon sent out, it mentions how the problem has been solved and it tries to reassure its customers that their personal information was not leaked out and a password reset it not necessary. On the other hand, it still puts users at risk when it comes to several potential dangers as hackers could try to reset their accounts or could receive potential phishing attacks.

Amazon makes clear that their systems nor their design has been breached and stated that they “fixed the issue and informed customers who may have been impacted.” However, still decided to not reveal in which countries users were in or the amount of accounts that information was released. Taking a look through social media, many users have taken to the forums to mention that the technical error did not necessarily affect their business account, but their consumer accounts.

Amazon has been in the news recently for having their employees face consequences for sharing customer information with different third party sellers. If this was considered a “technical error”, it would mean that this leak is most likely unrelated to the previous situation. However, with the information that we were given, it is still quite difficult to understand what really happened and how serious it is.

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