Amazon Is Struggling Overseas

In an third quarter earnings report today from Apple, it shows that the business that they are currently doing in North America is doing great with the help of cloud services and Echo device sales. On the other side, Amazon’s international business is trying to minimize their losses.

Amazon has impressively increased their sales by 35 percent from last year to approximately $34.3 billion in North America. Amazon’s Web Service also saw an increase in sales by 46 percent. In the same category, Amazon’s international sales are still in the red (loss). However, last year, the company saw a loss of $936 million compared to this years $385 million.

This is what we are seeing as Amazon continues past the reach of a $1 trillion valuation. Amazon does not necessarily make the specific of each of their devices sales, but we are aware that in the most recent quarter, a large part of sales was through Amazon Prime Day even with the momentary site break down. Amazon was not specific with the sales but indicated that their were 100 million products bought by customers, which is close to the 140 million products that customers bought for Cyber Monday last year.

Through all this sale success, Amazon has still not found success with international sales. Amazon are working on their smart assistant, Alexa, to understand more international languages and grow the offerings that Echo has to more companies. Amazon’s quarterly sales excluded India as it recently celebrated the Hindu holiday of Diwali in November.

In general, Amazon’s net income increased by 10 to $2.8 which is large increase due to the help of Amazon Web Services, services from third party sellers, and advertising. Along with net income, revenue has increased to 29 percent since last year. With the coming holiday season looming, Amazon is expected to make $66.5 billion to $72.5 billion which is lower than the expected given what analyst calculated by under $1 billion.

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