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Android 10 Will Be Coming To Pixel Phones On September 3rd

It has been reported that Android 10 will be arriving to Pixel Phones starting the 3rd of September. As of yet, Google has not confirmed the release of this software to the Pixel devices, but it’s believed that the release should be coming around this time.

It should be mentioned that two different Google Support agents have confirmed this information to PhoneArena. The article goes on to show screenshots of the conversations with the Google Support agents and it seems like it’s all but officially confirmed of the Pixel 3 models and later the older Pixel 2 will be getting Android 10 at the start of next month.



New Name Change From Google

The golden days of desert named software releases are over and into the new generation with Android 10. None Google hardware will be needing to wait until next year to see the new release of this software. It’s even been said that some OEMs are starting to incorporate Android 10 into devices releasing at the end of 2019.

For those on Samsung devices like the Galaxy S10 or Note 10, you’ll most likely be waiting until early 2020 or mid 2020 to get the new Android software for your Samsung devices.

Even though this news is not confirmed officially from Google, it matches the history of releases of new Android software. There’s some cool features that some are extremely happy with finally getting. What has been your past favorite software release on the Android software and why can’t you wait to get to use as part of the new Android 10 features. Please share below.



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