Android Is Microsoft’s Mobile Version Of Choice For Windows

Recently, Microsoft announced a lot of hardware for the Surface in an event in New York City. Microsoft announced Cortana headphones, new Surface Studio, and matte black surfaces were the talk of the event for hardware, the main talking point was a change to their Windows OS. They announced that Windows 10 will eventually mimic Android with brining similar mobile apps to the PC.

The mimicking app based on Android will be a new part of Microsoft’s app called Your Phone for Windows 10. It will be introduced later this week as the October 2018 for Windows 10, however, the mimicking app will most likely not be a part of it as that is expected appear next year. This app will allow you to simply mirror your device screen onto Windows 10 from your phone.

Microsoft has worked hard to embrace Android for Windows 10. The design of Microsoft Launcher is for replacing the the default experience of Google on the Android devices and connect their services to screen. Microsoft continues to update this as it is also supported by Windows 10 Timeline.

We are starting to see Microsoft’s strategy for mobile as they are trying to make Android and iOS better connect with Windows. By allowing Windows 10 PCs to be compatible with Android apps using a feature on your phone allows users of the Windows 10 to focus on being on their PCs more often.

Microsoft has been pushing to increase productivity and users that use their Windows for personal and professional use. This is a positive as Microsoft is embracing the option for competior operating systems to work for mobile systems unless you were to individually purchase a Chromebook or MacBook. To the public, this seems like a good marketing ploy but it is still encouraging to see this sort of push that will benefit iPhone, Android, and Windows 10 users.

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