Apple Acquires Self-Driving Car Startup

Apple has supposedly come to the rescue of self-driving car startup by acquiring the the company that was rumored to be struggling and planning to close down., once valued at $200 million will not be under Apple. Apple was rumored to be talking with about three weeks ago about the purchase. was created in 2015 by Stanford University machine learning researchers. At that time, they have been working on a ride hailing service that has autonomous in Texas. Due to this, engineers working on could have been joined another tech giant.

About one year ago, the work seemed to be one of the most promising startups that focused on improving the space of autonomous cars. The company became well known for implementing deep learning to avoid and recognize things on the road. went viral by testing fixed-route tests with their autonomous cars without the need of human drivers on public roads.

It is still unclear the percent of that will last under Apple, or if mass layoffs will occur to keep the startup alive. According to sources, “Apple purchased the company’s assets, including its autonomous cars”, but nothing in the notes suggest that engineers were purchased.

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