Apple Makes Parental Controls Easier

Apple announced in January that they would bring new features in order to assist parents in controlling their kids access to certain things regarding their products. This decision came about after a couple of Apple’s shareholder sent an open letter to Apple to try to fix the issue of a smartphone addiction that is growing more rapidly for younger people. Now, Apple has created a new tab on their site that gets information about Apple’s parental controls and family features all in one place.

The new addition to the smartphone allows features such as letting parents decline or approve application purchases with Ask To Buy, a feature for app management that allows users to block in-app purchased immediately and not allowing them to happen at all, and a feature to restrict certain adult content on the children’s devices and only allow access to websites that have already been approved. Find My Friends on Apple also allows parents to receive alerts about the location of their children when they arrive or leave somewhere.

Apple says, “We’re continually designing new features to help make sure kids use them in the ways you want,”. This tab also showcases privacy, family sharing options, and health. Even though none of these “new” features are brand new, the tab allows Apple’s privacy and safety feature to be put in one general area.

Even though Apple has said these promises, they have not yet given specific detail about the future feature. On the Android, Google already provides some cool feature that let parents make their older Android devices more kid-friendly called Family Link App. Along with that, with digital safety being very important, Google in January decided to remove 60 games from their Play Store after a bug showed pornographic ads in those games at, which were mainly for children.

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