Apple Sends Out Notifications Without User’s Permission

Some of you may be aware that Apple is beginning to send push notifications to your device that you may not have wanted. One of the push notifications that they have sent out to many iPhone owners are to promote Carpool Karaoke. This has caused some concern as guidelines on the Apple store does not allow developers to send promos without permission and Apple TV never directly asked if sending the promotions was something that the users wanted.

The number of iPhone owners that have gotten the promotions are not exactly known however, the times of these promotions in which they were sent out were December 7th and December 14th. These notifications have made some users quite unhappy.

Now, if you are receiving these unwanted notifications, the issue is able to fixed quite easily and quickly. You can go to your notification settings, go to general settings, then start deciding what apps you want to receive notifications from. Another way you can fix this is to go to the notification, swipe on it and then click on “manage” and then turn off TV app notifications.

However, this Carpool Karaoke notification issue is considered one of lesser pushed from Apple when they decided to give approximately 500 million people a copy of U2’s Song of Innocence for free without their permission. This decision cost Apple around $100 million dollars which led to pushback from the public. Thus, Apple created a process on their support website to assist users in removing the free copy from U2.

As time has passed, Apple Music has become an arriving competitor to Spotify for entertainment streaming. However, with the delay into the market where they began selling movies and TV shows on iTunes, it is interesting to see if what Apple is doing is actually benefiting their overall service business. This is because people become agitated when they receive unsolicited promotions on their device.

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