AT&T To Offer 5G Network In 2019

If your service provider is AT&T, you will eventually see that on the top left hand corner of your smartphone will have a 5G logo next year. Now, you may be wondering, will my phone be connected to 5G? Well not exactly, but AT&T will begin calling their newer technology of 4G LTE to 5G.

AT&T recently put in connectivity speed boosting in certain areas and newer devices will have an indicator that they are connected to 5G E in certain markets. While the letter “E” is not yet established yet, it is supposed to represent 5G Evolution which means that while it may not be 5G, it is considered to be quicker that regular LTE.


If you feel that you have heard something similar to this, it is because AT&T deployed the same tactic when LTE was being introduced to market. This time however, they called it HSPA+ for their new 3G tech speed boosting and somehow got all of their phone partners to display a $G logo on their customers devices.


This strategy could be considered deceptive along with a bit confusing on purpose as the battle for incoming 5G services are arriving. Deploying this strategy will give AT&T the advantage of having many people be on a “5G” network way before everyone else is.

Now, if you believe having the 5G logo could be considered false advertising. However, the “E” that will be added in “5GE” is placed there to indicate that the network is not exactly 5G. According to some recent articles, the E will be slightly smaller and it may be easy to miss. You can potentially be able to notice the 5G logo as early as 2018 and could be seen by millions of people.

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