Facebook Exposes Around 6.8 Million User’s Photos

Facebook has had a lot of controversy surrounding them over the privacy of their users, but finally it seems like they are making progress. Facebook announced that they revealed approximately 6.8 million user’s private photos from app that were not supposed to see them. These specific apps were able to see a certain amount of people’s photos, however, a bug in the system allowed the apps to see some pictures that they were not allowed to such as pictures from someone’s story or pictures that were not posted on Facebook but saved.

Facebook found this issue from September 12th and September 25th. However, it is not yet certain why it took this long for the company to tell the public about what occurred on September 25th.

Users that were affected by this breach should be receiving a notification that will alert them giving them notice that some of their information was exposed. Along with this, Facebook will work with developers to try to delete photos with copies that were private. In general, around 876 different developers and 1,500 apps could have had access to user’s photos.


This breach occurred due to an issue with photos API on Facebook’s login that allows some developers to have access to photos that are in their apps, according to Facebook. These apps were logged in by people using their Facebook account to log in.

Again, Facebook is in some deep water as they have had many issues with data and security breaches, such as Cambridge Analytica. For the most of these cases, the issues roots from issues within Facebook’s system, not from hackers. Once again, Facebook needs to do a better job communicating with developers to fix these problems.

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