Facebook Introduces New Petition Feature

Facebook is becoming more involved with political actions as the company with release a feature called Community Actions, which acts as petitions for the people to let their public officials know what they want to see happen locally.

Facebook users should currently be able to see the feature when they log on and be able to make a new a petition and take the relevant organizations or public officials. Along with creating a petition, users can invite their friends to support their petition by invited them. Once a petition is created, supporters can have discussions on the topic and create fundraisers and events. In the past, Facebook has demonstrated that they have power to giving people the oppurtunity create large event such as the first Women’s March in 2016.


Facebook has had experience with creating features that allow users to become more involved in their communities like the Candidate feature that lets candidates share voting videos to people who they are trying to gain popularity with and the Town Hall feature that assists local officials have more access to their constituents. Facebook wants their Community Action to be a way “people to advocate for changes in their communities and partner with elected officials and government agencies on solutions.”

A problem that some have become concerned about is that in recent years, their have been many times that Facebook features can be misused to misdirect or deceive people. To try to protect the integrity of this feature, Facebook will use a system of human enforcers, algorithmic detection, and user flagging to avoid problems. However, it is still easy to to think about how the feature will be used incorrectly to push petitions that are not good for the company image but still get past the security measures.

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