Facebook Now Allows Purchases During Livestreams

If you have had issues trying to purchase items while you are watching a live stream, Facebook is now testing a new feature that will make it easier for you to do so. When someone may be showing a product or service during their live stream, people are given a choice on the screen to take a screenshot of the product and then directly go and purchase whatever they took a screenshot of.

Facebook is now testing this improvement in Thailand where it has become popular to use Facebook Live for independent sellers to sell different types of products such as handbags and cosmetics that people may be interested in. In Thailand, merchants would plan streams regularly in oder to show different products that they have and will show people how to people that may be interested and give discounts to would-be buyers if they would share the live steam on their news feed. Facebook’s product manager for Marketplace recently stated, “Thailand is one of our most active Marketplace communities”.


The way Facebook Marketplace works to track sales is sellers would do manually like contacting buyers individually on the stream for payment information. If this new feature was added, it would make the process much easier for sellers and buyers since when sellers are broadcasting products, things move very quickly and a buyer could miss the opportunity to purchase the item.

Currently, Facebook does not take any commission off of the transactions that occur on the live stream and have stated that they have no current plans to do so. Also, they have not said anything about expanding this feature outside of Thailand if this feature were to completely be rolled out.

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