Facebook To Bring WiFi To Developing Countries

Facebook has recently put out an update on their effort to try to give the ability to developing countries to use their social media service by Express Wi-Fi, which will bring more affordable Wi-Fi access to places that need it. Facebook is working hard to try to connect the billions of people that use their service to one another to try to reach another potential market.

The tech company is developing this software on the east coast so that they will be able to manage their network easier and to also deploy the mess WiFi network from operators. They are also creating a routing framing at their headquarters in California that will have approximately 50 access points.

Initially,  five countries had Express Wi-Fi: Nigeria, Indonesia, Kenya, Tanzania, and India. Express Wi-Fi was started in 2016 for a way for local business people and ISPs to provide and sell internet services in countries that are still developing.

Facebook does also have teams in Express Wi-Fi in Ireland, Dubai, and Israel. They are also currently doing a program in Tanzania for mess Wi-Fi tech. Facebook released a statement about the future of mesh Wi-Fi in Tanzania and said they there is no specific plan for expanding this program in any country other than Tanzania.


Facebook has been working on this project for nearly two years and the fact they are still continuing to follow through on the mission to supply internet access to developing communities. Facebook has worked on other projects in the past, however they have not followed through. Back in June, Facebook announced that they were scrapping the Aquila project that looked into providing internet through the use of flying drones. Later, the commented that they would partner with companies that are further in the process of using flying aircrafts to deliver Wi-Fi.

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