Facebook To Launch A New Dating Product

After announcing their dating product within the company, Facebook is starting to test their product. The company has said they have began testing but do not have any further questions after an indpenedent app research named Jane Wong found some features looking through source code.

The company has told employees to give false information regarding their profiles as they will all be deleted once the product is launched for the public. Along with the product being confidential, the company has told employees that their policies regarding Dani harassment are also in place for dating products.

There have been leaked images regarding how the sign up for Facebook Dating works such as being able to specific location, the gender you are interested in meeting, your gender, and your age.

However, even though Facebook Dating has been tested internally and still continues to do so, it does not mean that Facebook Dating will be available for everyone. Depending on the results that Facebook get, a product could be completely killed off not allowing it to be launched.


The launch of their dating service would play a huge part for online romance as they have a very large audience that continually visit their site. Once the news broke out about Facebook Dating, the price of Match Group’ stock, the company that owns dating applications Tinder and OKCupid dropped 17 percent.

When it was talked about in the conference, Facebook Dating allows users to create a completely different profile when it comes to dating. Once you have like someone and the other person likes you back, you will then be able to contact each other to get to know one another better. Facebook has also said that there is a feature that will allow you to make the user’s profile visible when people decide to go to the same event as you which they hope will create more connections offline.

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