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Gmail Has A Brand New Design

Google announced recently that they are planning to release a brand new design for Gmail in the upcoming future. The new design will show up for Gmail users on the Internet allowing it to match Google’s slight changes with their mobile devices. The brand design has some small changes from the Google Material Design department and a couple of the brand new feature were introduced originally for Google’s Gmail overhaul.

A feature that Google has decided to implement for the web version of Gmail is smart replies. This is the same features that Gmail currently has on their mobile versions that allows users to reply to emails quickly. A brand new snooze option allows users to remove emails temporarily form their inbox for a given period of time so that you are able to reply to email when you are ready. The Smart Reply and Snooze are both a part of Gmail’s Inbox App from Google, which are now finally coming to the web version of Gmail.


The brand new design from Gmail also adds a brand new sidebar that allows you to use Google’s calendar, keep tasks right next to your emails, or keeps the note app right beside your emails. This part of the design is most likely going to be the most useful as it will make it much easier to reply to emails or schedule important meetings.

Google is allowing users to choose from three new layouts, including a compact look of screen allowing you to see more messages on your screen, a view that does not highlight attachments, and a view of highlighted attachments such as photos and documents.


However, these three new UI and perspectives changes are as similar to the type of changed that Google unveiled in 2014 for their Inbox redesign. This project makes Google Inbox a bit hazy as Gmail is also getting the Snooze feature and the Smart Reply feature that Inbox initially had. It does not seem as if Google wants to completely change Gmail’s design similar to Inbox, but it does seem that it may be a method to test features that they would eventually bring to Gmail

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