Google Launches Their New Email Feature, Gmail Go

Have you been waiting for Google to unveil its newest Go app? Well, Google has recently launched Gmail Go, which is a Google line where apps are a much more slimmed down version of the normal apps that they recently had. Google has launched other versions of Go such as YouTube, Chrome Go, and File. Gmail Go and similar apps were made because of Google users that have poor connectivity, expensive cellular data prices, or processors that are of lower grade. This is because Go applications use up a lot less memory on phones while they still give users basic functions.

If you decide to use Gmail Go, you will still be able to have multiple accounts, receive brand new email notifications, filter promotional and social email automatically while still giving priority to emails from family and friends, view and respond to both offline and online, and still allow you to have access to about 15GB of free storage. But, you may not have access to some features that are not essential such as having images load by themselves because your smartphone can use a lot less RAM and ROM.



The benefit of Gmail Go is that it takes a lot less space on a smartphone, but it also consumes much less data compared to the normal Gmail app. In general, the Go series is being pushed by Google because of their interest in having their products much more available in many countries where devices which are which are largely used when they have low memory and they have limited access to faster Internet.

You can now access Gmail Go along with other Google Go apps such as Files, Chrome Go, and YouTube.

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