Google Maps Now Allows Talking With Businesses

According to a blog post from Google, there will be introducing a new feature that allows you to message businesses on Google Maps. Once the update is rolled out to Android and iPhone users, they will be able to see a button that is labeled “messages” on the left side that will allow you to message the business that you are trying to find on Google Maps.

If a business is interested in working with Google Maps, it will have to use Google’s verification system called “My Business” and the app related to it to receive and send messages to users. According to many users, the update on the app has made it a place where you can do many things at once such messaging with customers and updating their businesses information on Google.


Google continues to launch new platforms based on messaging but they have yet to truly fix primary messaging as it still has a lot of bugs that it needs to fix. Along with that, neither Verizon or AT&T have let the public know when RCS will be ready to be launched. This shows that messaging with businesses is starting become a entirely new business of its own. Seeing as iMessage and Facebook Messenger already have that foundation, we are sure that Google would also like to share some of the space and be involved with this business.

Looking all these features that Google is implementing to Maps makes me start to realize that Google Maps is beginning to be difficult to use because of all the additions that keep on being added. These features include sharing your ETA, business “follow” button, a new Explore page, and a group planning that make it more complex to use what Maps is supposed to be used for, directions.

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