Google To Track Your Credit Card Purchases

Google will now be able to track if you have been previously influenced by online advertisement to make purchases if you have a MasterCard. This is because in the past four years, the two companies have been negotiating about this deal in private.

Neither MasterCard or Google have announced their deal publicly and neither also made their customers aware that they their purchases that they make a physical store are being tracked through the history of MasterCard’s transaction history. It was reported that Google paid MasterCard millions of dollars to be able to receive data on they type of things the people are buying. They did this because Google was interested in improving their tool for the people that decide to advertise on their platform and see if those the view engagement translated to actual purchases in a retail store.

However, you are not forced to share your transaction history with Google if you do not want to. To remove yourself from the list, you have to go to “Web and App Activity” and toggle it off as it is automatically enabled. This feature that is not very specific allows Google to be able to know where you are through Maps GPS and sees if it can match your location with the purchases that you have made offline and online advertisements.

With all this being said, Google has attempted many times to measure the influence of their ads with offline purchase transactions, trying to remove the doubt from retailers that would purchase ads but not necessarily being able to quantifiably be able to measure if those ad spots translated to offline purchases. It is not uncommon for Google to use Google Maps for location history as they have used it in the past. However, they have not made public whether or not they give that information to retailers about physical sales.

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