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HQ Trivia Will Soon Be Played Using Friend’s Answers

HQ Trivia will soon add a new feature that will make it much easier for you win some money. HQ Trivia is a daily question game that has become very popular recently. You will have the opportunity to view what your friend’s answers are for questions mid-game as long you sync your contact list with the game. The new feature adds onto what the April update focused that was more focused for social integration that allowed users to comparer their high scores with their friends.

This new feature using friends is self explanatory. If you decide to play the game once you gave connected your contacts with it, you will be able to view which one of your friends are playing along. Once there, you will see specific pictures next to the answers that they have chosen for the asked question. Also, HQ has said they are looking to launch a feature that will allow you to add friends that are nearby.


While these new features will not entirely change the game for HQ, it will definitely allow them to create more a user community and keep users for a longer period of time. A good amount of people that decide to stop playing HQ do it because they do not know people who play the game consistently or they just do not make it far in the game because they are not able to answer the harder questions as they progress. The new features that are added might be able to solve the issues that they are facing. Allowing people to see what their friends answered will allow users to be able to make it a bit farther in the game and adding friends that are nearby will allow users to find new friends that have an interest in playing the game on a consistent basis like them.

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