Instagram Brings Back Old Feature For Stories

Instagram made sure to quickly remove GIFs from users Stories as it was recently found out that the company that is in charge of the GIF library, Giphy, had not taken into account that racist images have went through their service. Snapchat, another primary user of Giphy, also decided to remove the GIFs due to the event. However, Instagram has decided to bring back GIFs for user’s Stories.

The racist GIF stickers were immediately removed by Giphy once they were aware of it. The company said in a statement, “After investigation, a bug was found in our content moderation filters affecting stickers,” Since then, the issue has been fixed and Giphy has stated that they have gone over all of their GIF library many times over to make sure that they are completely sure that there is no more racist content.

Giphy has also made future moderations more strict since the incident occurred using an added level of moderation by Giphy for stickers that added to the library later on.

With these solutions, Instagram seems to be pleased with the added measure and precautions has they stated they have confidence in Giphy to improve their service in a way that Instagram users will have a positive experience.

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