iPhone X Gestures Can Be Added To Android

When you think of the iPhone X being so great, the first thing that comes to mind isn’t the design or the hardware, it is the efficient, easy to use, and very fun gesture system that takes place of the home button that used to be on all older versions of the iPhone. When Apple added gestures to the iPhone X, it created a new idea for UIs, and due to this new idea, a lot of companies are now adapting this same idea to their own products. OnePlus added a new option for gesture based control to their popular phones and Huawei and Motorola have even adopted a system that allows fingerprint scanner to be used on their devices. Google has also decided to join in the fun and created their version of gesture control to Android P and will be available in a couple of months.

There are a lot of devices that are coming out with their own specific system for gestures, however, if you would like an Android device to copy the system of an iPhone X as close as possible, you are able to do so with some apps that you can get at the Google Play Store.


If you are not familiar command line, then this is most likely not for you. However, the process to get the gestures started instead of the control scheme on the Android is pretty easy. Your Android might face some issues when trying to change these features because of the variance in the software updates.

The pill gesture for Navigation will be at the bottom of your screen and will sometimes be able be seen over some other content. However, if you keep this setup running for a couple of weeks, it will not prevent you from clicking anything near the bottom of your screen.

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