Lyft Launches Self-Riding Scooters

It is that time of the year again where tech companies begin to roll out their version of ride shares for scooters. And now, Lyft has decided to introduce their version of for scooter sharing for longer distances. The purpose of these newer scooters is to allow riders to have a more consistent ride that has better brakes, longer battery life, and is more durable. The scooters will  first be available in Denver, where they initially rolled out the scooters a year ago.

The new scooters will have a brand new hand brake that acts similarly to bikes that will reduce the speed of both bikes when riders pull the brake. It also includes a frame that does not fold that is made by Segway. The base of the scooter will be about 20 percent wider at about 6.2 inches.


Lyft says that it makes it much more sturdier. Along with that, riders will be able to go for 35 and 40 miles with the new batteries. Both scooters and bikes will have pink wheels to differentiate themselves from other companies services.

The introduction of the improved scooters were also announced by Uber earlier this week and will be available to the public on June 24th. As a whole, the launches of better scooters are increasing as the industry is bleeding money just like Lyft and Uber’s ride-sharing businesses.


Much of the industry will keeping a very close eye on how Lyft and Uber’s new and improved scooters will do to their bottom line as a lot of scooters companies are unaware how the economics of more durable scooters will be.

Lyft went for a complete bike sharing program rebrand around three days. Lyft does try their best to block a variety of bikeshare companies as they try to enter the market they are in.

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