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Netflix Adds A New Helpful Feature

Netflix is arguably the best streaming service in terms of accessibility. It has been awhile since the entertainment streaming service has expanded their mobile platform. However, it was possible to preview a “trailer” on the mobile app. This may be disappointing as users would not be able to see a glimpse of what they were interested in watching to see if they wanted to actually watch the whole show or movie. But, this has now changed.

Netflix announced that they are planning to releasing a brand new feature that they will call “Mobile Previews”. Mobile previews will allow mobile users to see previews of movies and shows on their service similar to stories on application such as Snapchat and Instagram.┬áThese mobile videos will be approximately 30 second long trailer that play vertically so that you will not need to be hassled in rotating your device to view them.


The mobile previews will located towards the top of your screen when you open the app. The previews will look like circles as you click on them to begin the preview. Netflix has described these previews as slideshows. You will be able to add the videos to your watch list or decide to immediately watch them.

If you want to skip the current preview, all you need to do is just tap or swipe the screen in order to move to the next clips (just as you do on Snapchat or Instagram). Netflix’s layout for previews of movies or TV is also very familiar as the bar to see how much you have left in the content and once you are finished, it will recommend other videos that are similar.The mobile previews feature should be available for US users. Netflix teased the new video preview to the TV platform last year and said that the previews are customized for taste of the users.

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