Netflix To Begin Adding Ads Within Videos

Netflix has begun to start testing out video promotion feature that will play during episode breaks while you are watching your favorite series. If you have not seen this feature yet, it is because they have only rolled this out to a selected amount of users around the full. The way that these promos will be determined is by full screen videos playing with content that an algorithm from Netflix will recommend to its viewers.

The users that have seen this new feature have gone to Twitter and Reddit to explain their frustration with this new feature that interrupts their binge watching by showing an ad for another show. User expressed that when they wanted to skip the ads immediately they were not able to and had to wait until a little bit of the ad has already played in order to skip them, similar to ads on YouTube. Netflix has since said that the ads displayed for users should be able to be skipped if chosen to do so and the promos are not permanent.


Netflix has been in the news for other controversial tests such as ramifying shows for children by creating rewards and badges for their younger audience to try to get by continuing to watch their shows. Parents became outraged which caused Netflix to remove the test immediately. This new Netflix feature promote other shows that they offer compared to their previous experiments.

Netflix has already added a short trailer on its main page once you log in. While Netflix received some backlash from users about this feature, they still kept it. Netflix has stated that the feature allowed users to spend more time enjoying there favorite shows by reducing the amount of time they took browsing other potential shows to watch. We will see if Netflix’s new experience will be a positive addition to their streaming service.

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