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New Firefox Feature Is The Future Of Online Security

Firefox has recently released a new feature that should become a global standard for all Internet browsers with blocking of cooking tracking set as default as a standard for users. The feature is called “Enhanced Tracking Protection” and will be set as default for all users as a default as of now. This feature was first released in 2018 and was an option to select in the browser.

What Enhanced Tracking protection does is it blocks third-party tracking cookies that have been known to be part of a known tracker list. With this feature, users can increase there privacy settings and make it harder for companies to track users across the Internet.

One great thing about this feature is that you have an option to see which tracking cookies are being blocked by this feature. All you need to do is click on the shield setting that allows you to see which sites are being blocked. In addition, Firefox blocks cryptominers trying to use your devices as a form to mine cryptocurrencies instead of showing traditional ads.


Firefox And The Future

Firefox has been growing at a rapid pace and has been offering some of the best security features to online Internet users for many years. The future is getting safer and more secure for surfing the web and it’s thanks to the likes of Firefox that this is possible for people browsing the Internet.

With some much information vulnerable online these days, it’s best to take as many safety measures as possible to protect your information from getting online in the hands of the wrong people. More software browsers needed to follow the path of Firefox and provide users with tools that can help them protect themselves when surfing the web.

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