Nike To Use AR To Suggest Best Size

Nike is really putting in an effort in order to make their customers as satisfied as possible. It was just announced that Nike is going to update their app with a brand new tool that uses augmented reality that will allow people to measure the length of your feet in order to sell footwear that will better fit customers feet.

While the use of this new AR technology for feet measurement might seem odd, the idea makes sense. It can be very difficult in order to purchase shows online seeing as people are not able to try the shoes on to see if it fits them before they purchase. Also, there can be times where brands have sizes are not the same as other brands sizes so it is difficult to know what size you truly are for each brand. For example, you could be a size 8 in  one brand but a 9 in another brand.


It is fairly known that Nike shoes, specifically, are known to run small in a good amount of shoe styles, which makes it even more difficult to know what size to purchase.

Using this new Augmented Reality feature, Nike believes that will now be able to measure the size, volume, and shape of each foot individually and then be able to recommend the specific size for a particular style of Nike shoe that a customer might be interested in. They will be able to do this using internal measurements that they will already have for each shoe and the data from other customers that have purchased the shoe.

Nike’s use of AR for feet measurement isn’t something that they plan on using once. They intend to apply this feature into not only the app but in stores as well.You can expect this update in the US around July and in Europe around August.

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