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OnePlus Launches First TV Priced At $1,400 For A 55-inch 4K Model

OnePlus is mainly known for mobile smartphones, but not anymore. It has finally released it’s first TV that many expect to compete with some of the popular TV brands on the market.

The 55-inch 4K model starts out at $1,400 and will feature Android TV as well. It features a great design and screen that can compete with the current major brands in the television space. OnePlus has the potentially to take marketshare away from the big companies and Samsung/Sony should be worried.


The Design

The design of the television will include a 4K HDR capable QLED VA panel with eight speakers for the new 55 Q1 Pro TV. Some of the speakers slide out from the bottom of the television when in use, and then slide back up when it’s not being used. It’ll come with a remote that you’ll be able to recharge easily and able to use Google Assistant as well. You’ll be able to use the OnePlus Connect phone app to control the TV if you’d rather use that instead of the remote it comes standard with.




Android TV And OxygenPlay

In addition to Android TV, you’ll also get OxygenPlay which is a service being offered by OnePlus that allows you to find new content to view. Also OnePlus has partnered with some large content provides with names Like Amazon Prime Video, Hungama, JIO Cinema, Eros Now and Zee 5 to provide content for the OnePlus TV. Unfortunately at Netflix will not be supported for the device when it launches, but many expected it to arrive some time in the near future.

OnePlus is very popular in Europe and Asia, specifically China and India for the smartphone market. OnePlus believes that they can also make a push into the hardware space for the living room with this new launch of the OnePlus TV.  It’s believed that just like it’s smartphones, it’s TV will also be of great value and take market share from the current big companies in this space.

Are you excited by this new release from OnePlus? Do you think you’d switch over from a Samsung or Sony TV to get a OnePlus TV? Share your comments below and let us know what you think is the best feature of the new 55 Q1 Pro TV from OnePlus. Our personal favorite feature is the sliding speakers that go in and out of the bottom of the television.


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