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Postmates Creates Feature To Decrease Delivery Fees

For those of you that are addicted to getting your food delivered to you but do not like the expensive prices, there’s some good news. The popular food delivery service, Postmates, is rolling out a brand new option for delivery that will reduce their sometimes deal breaker delivery fees by basically carpooling your food. The new service that they are calling Postmates Party will allow you to do something similar to Uber Pool where your food can be delivered to you along with others that also choose Postmates Party. The driver will pick up a batch of orders and will then deliver the orders individually my making multiple stops along the way.

Now, this option will most likely have you have to wait longer for your food. However, in return the price of delivery will decrease which in most cases will increase the amount of orders that Postmates will get since a lot of the time customers will change their mind because of the high delivery fee. As of right now, Postmates Party will only be available in major US cities and there is no clear information if it is available for all large restaurants. A short list of current restaurants that Postmates offers includes Blaze Pizza, The Halal Guys, and Shake Shack to list a few that you will be able to choose from.

In general, if you do not mind waiting a little bit longer for your food, the available restaurants make it a good deal to use the Party service. The Party service will not always be available to use though. Postmates has explained that the Party service will only be active during busy times, when there are a lot of people looking for food at the same restaurants. Once you are in a “Party”, customers will only be given 5 minutes in order to choose what they want and check out.

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