Snapchat Responds To Update Disapproval

For those of you that use Snapchat, you must have heard or experienced the update that Snapchat rolled out recently. Well, Snapchat decided to officially respond the very popular petition started on asking for Snap to revert back to their old design. In the response, Snapchat has said that they are aware of the feedback they have received and that the new layout has seemed awkward to a lot of people. The petition that was signed has approximately 1.2 million signatures, which is why the Snapchat team has decided to formulate a response.

In short, Snap has responded with basically saying that the update is here to stay and users must get used to it. Snapchat wants to encourage its users that the new layout for Snapchat will take some time to get used to and also gave a tease about a brand new feature that will soon be rolled out for Android and iOS that will allow people to customize their own Snapchat with specific tabs such as Discover and Friends sections of Snapchat. The reply sums up that the leadership team had thought about the idea of the redesign and they have no intention to reverse the shift.


The official response is a bit more pleasant than the response Snap CEO, Evan Spiegel, gave later last week in which he said, “The complaints we’re seeing reinforce the philosophy. Even the frustrations we’re seeing really validate those changes”.

A large focus for the redesign is to allow Snapchat to be more appealing to a larger audience, with respect to age and also geographically. Snap must increase its user base in order to compete with Instagram or Facebook, or they will face the risk to turn into Twitter where there service barely grows and their executive teams struggles to come up with new strategies in order to make a profit.

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