Spotify Bans Ad Blocking

For those of you that have decided to use Spotify and have the choice that you do not want to pay for the Premium option to skip ads, create playlists, and of Spotify recommend music that might interest rather listen with the basic version, this might not be the best news.

Spotify made an announcement about their Terms of Service policy today that explicitly bans ad blockers. They explained that  “circumventing or blocking advertisements in the Spotify Service, or creating or distributing tools designed to block advertisements in the Spotify Service” could lead to your account being immediately suspended or terminated.

Spotify already tries to keep ad blocking at a minimum by take specific measures. A Spotify representative explained last August that they have “multiple detection measures in place monitoring consumption on the service to detect, investigate and deal with [artificial manipulation of streaming activity].”


The reason Spotify is so strict on this ad block ideal is that in a report that was made public in March, showed that about 2 percent of Spotify’s users, which is approximately 2 million users, were blocking advertisements using modded accounts and apps. Thus, Spotify started to enforce stricter rules by disabling and blocking accounts that they felt were acting abnormally. Also, once Spotify decided to disable these accounts, users were send an email explaining they were able to reactivate their account once they decided to uninstall ad blocking software and were given a warning. And if the problem continued to happen, Spotify would then put a permanent ban on the account.

Spotify’s new Terms of Service that will be officially in place on March 1st will give Spotify the right to remove any account they feel is breaking the Terms of Service without warning right away.

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