Twitter Changes Reporting Options

Recently, Twitter decided to update part of the process to report things. Twitter made an update to the part where you can report a tweet that you believe to be a fake account trying to be someone else or bot acting as a user. Now, if you were to click on “It’s suspicious or spam” choice that is part of the report menu, you will be to specifically say the reason reporting the tweet or account such as an option to categorize the report under “the account tweeting this is fake.”

This announcement from Twitter was made today on their safety account earlier today. This update is currently live for both mobile and web versions.

While this particular change is a positive change for users that have experienced trouble interacting with fake accounts or bots, users are still quite unaware of occurs once the report is sent to Twitter’s team. We do not know that if an account is to get a report on it, it is more likely to get banned as a coordinated bad faith report from many people could get an account that is actually real banned from a result of all the reports.

A recent statement was made from a Twitter spokesperson, “The new reporting flow will allow us to collect more detailed information so we can identify and remove spam more effectively. With more details to review, we’ll be adding more resources to our review processes.”


Due to this, the community will now be more aware that Twitter is taking the integrity of their platform more seriously, this might make the action of trying report false account more proactive. Back in July, Twitter had removed approximately 70 million account in May and June due to violating their policy of spammy and malicious behavior. Due to them cracking down on fake accounts, Twitter saw a saw a hit to their earning report.

Initially, the update might not show that Twitter’s platform is being used by as much as people, but in the long run, Twitter is showing that they care about the integrity of their service.

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