Twitter Removes Millions Of User Accounts

The monthly user count for Twitter recently dropped by around 1 million in the past couple months and may drop even more as Twitter becomes more strict on spam and bots. Twitter’s user count is used to talk about how the company is growing and succeeding, which has fallen to 335 million this current quarter from 336 million the previous quarter. Twitter explains how they could lose more as the months go on.

The monthly user count was stated earlier this morning for Twitter’s quarter earnings for the year 2018. However, Twitter did not lose any meaningful users as the they were bots, but it did not look good for potential investors as that number was used to inflate the size of their business.

However currently this action does not look good for Twitter. Their stock plummeted 16 percent immediately after the news that the company had been counting fake accounts as real Twitter users.

Twitter has said that they are now able to get rid of accounts at a much faster speed that it could in recent years due to improvements in technology. However, Twitter says that this was not the singular factor in the drop of the users but it is hard believe that it is not a large factor.

To try to avert attention from this news, Twitter explains that their daily user growth is up nearly 11 percent for the year. This news could be misleading as this yearly growth is lower than the previous years.

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