Twitter Wants You To Be Verified

Jack Dorsey, current Twitter CEO, has expressed on a lifestream on Periscope that Twitter has been trying to allow its users to be verified. The Twitter CEO did not expand on that idea and what it would take, but larger online sources like Airbnb, require their users to submit email address, phone number, photo ID, and Facebook profile to get verified.

Initially when Twitter originally created the verified mark to show verified profiles, it was given to those that are big public figures. However, Twitter started to verify other big name public figures such as other celebrities, and journalist. This symbol turned to become more of a status on the social media platform. In 2016, the social media company allow people to request to become verified given that they give sufficient reason. In most cases, if people were not well known influencers, creators, or writers, the normal user would be denied the verified checkmark.


Jack Dorsey also added keeping the identity and anonymity is a key part for Twitter. He mentions that Twitter does not crack down on real names and allow “usernames” because they would like Twitter to allow users a safe space to share their feeling without being concerned that their valuable information might be shared and put in a bad position. He also mentions that the Twitter team is focused on trying to weed out parody accounts that post information that is not true and can be taken as the truth.

Twitter announced that these Periscope lifestreams are a part of their followup to their new initiative of discussing  how the company is doing. Mr. Dorsey was with a team of Twitter executives who were added for more open and transparent discussion about the social media platforms battle against certain issues like bots, and illegal or abusive content. He mentions that he would like to have more of these informal discussions more of the time, but there was no set specific times on when the next stream will be.

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