Uber To Make Your Phones Tell If Your In An Accident

Uber announced today that they will be introducing “Ride Check” and new feature that uses the gyroscope, accelerometer, GPS, and sensors for both drivers and riders to see if they have been in an accident. If a rider or driver is be a crash, the Uber app will send a variety of questions through a notification to the person’s phone automatically. If the app analyzes that there was indeed an accident, the person will be directed to call 911. If the person is unable to contact 911, Uber will have a safety operator team that will contact the person to see if they need assistance.

Ride Check will not need permission from the riders because the feature is connected to the driver’s device. This is because the drivers have the app open a lot more than the riders. This is assuming the drivers keep the app running in the background as they drive people around.

The process of the feature will take in account of variety of data. Data scientists from Uber till gather sensor data from past trips that have occurred and then determine if an actually crash has taken place. Uber will need to erase the noise from the device’s single in order to be as accurate as possible and is the reason why this feature will take some time to develop.

Ride Check is something that Uber has been developing for more than a year because they want to make sure that there are no faults in how the smartphones will respond and detect vehicle accidents. While there are other startups and companies that have been working on this technology for years, those focus more on using the sensors that are already in the car to determine if there is an accident.


Uber also unveiled an improved version of the 2FA, or two factor authentication. Before this improvement, users were only able to use 2FA with SMS messages, which was possible for hackers to solve before. Uber now uses apps like Google Authenticator or Duo to assist them in making their app much more secure.

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