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What Material Is The Apple Card Actually Made Of?

A common question that everyone wants to know is what is the credit card from Apple called Apple Card actually made from? Many people believe that the card is made of out 100 percent titanium, but in fact this is not true.

Based on the research from University of California Berkeley professor that goes by the name of Hans Rudolf Wenk, he says that the card actually only made up of 90% titanium and not 100% titanium. Mr. Wenk goes on to suggest that the other 10% of the Apple Card is made out of aluminum. It was reported to Bloomberg that the card was scanned using an electron microscope to find the atomic makeup of the credit card from Apple.

Something else that should be mentioned to those thinking about getting an Apple Card is the fact of keeping it clean. Based on numerous reports it seems like it’s going to be very difficult to keep clean. The reason for this is because the instructions mention that you should keep the card in a plastic bubble or else it will show signs of serious wear and tear.


Apple Credit Card

Overall the Apple Card seems to be a great tool to have if you make purchases with Apple frequently, as the benefits that you get for using the card with Apple is a great deal and hard to pass up. The only draw back is that the Apple Card is not really of an all purpose credit card for those that like to get points or cash back at other places besides Apple.

Hopefully the launch of the Apple Card will be a success and many more financial products will come out from Apple in the future. With the future changing so quickly, it’s not out of the world to think that Apple will be releasing more products like this in the future.



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