Xbox One and PS4 Players Can Now Play Fortnite Together

The day has finally come where Xbox One and PS4 players can play in a game of Fortnite together. Sony finally enabled PS4 players to play with users of the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch as they have been blocking this feature ever since the game came out.

John Kodera, Sony’s PlayStation head, said “We recognize that PS4 players have been eagerly awaiting an update, and we appreciate the community’s continued patience as we have navigated through this issue to find a solution”. He also stated that,  “The first step will be an open beta beginning today for Fortnite that will allow for cross platform gameplay, progression and commerce across PlayStation 4, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and Mac operating systems.”


In the other side of this, Epic is trying to figure out a way to solve the issue for players who tried to get around the restriction and created a second account to play with their friends on a different platform. Epic’s solution is coming in the near future. An Epic developer said on Twitter that they are working on combining in game purchases between accounts and unlinking an account on one console and then being able to relink it to another account.

Song has a history of blocking cross-play between Xbox One and PS4 for games such as Minecraft, Rocket League, and Fortnite even though Microsoft and Nintendo have supported it. This is unusual as both Nintendo and Microsoft worked together in order to promote cross play for Minecraft.

This decision is a big one as Sony is moving towards a change to cross-play with different platforms such as Fortnite. This change will hopefully bring other games to multi-platform play with Xbox, PS4, and PC users.

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