You Can Now Post To Multiple Instagram Accounts Simultaniously

An Instagram spokesperson recently announced that their app will allow users to be able to post content to different account simultaneously without having to switch to multiple accounts. This feature will currently be available for only iOS users. While there is no news on when or if this feature will be available for Android, there is good chance that this feature will eventually be rolled out Android.

The option that Instagram is calling “Self Regram” will start to appear on your screen when you want to try to share and fresh post when the feature becomes available. You will notice an option that will say, “Post to Other Accounts” where it allows you to mark your location and tag people that are in the photo. From there, you will be able to also decide which places you would like to publish the photo or video. For those that use Instagram for business, photography account, or are doing takeovers or partnerships for other accounts, this could save them a lot of time from switching back and forth from different accounts. Recently, it has become more common for people to have more than one account outside of the business accounts so this will also assist in those type of accounts.


There were rumors in the past of regard testing being done by Instagram from different account to people feed but they have made it clear that they were not testing or building that. On the other hand, Instagram did allow users to share Stories to their accounts that they saw on someone else’s Story.

There is not an exact date for when the feature for iOS self regard would be completely rolled out from Instagram. However, the option should be visible now for a certain amount of users.

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