YouTube Is Now On Nintendo Switch

If you own a Nintendo Switch, you will not be able to stream YouTube videos on it. YouTube will be made available on the Nintendo Switch and is not the second big video application after Hulu was announced for the Switch back in November 2017. If you are interested in watching YouTube on the Nintendo Switch, you can download the app on the Nintendo eShop.

If you decide to stream YouTube on your Switch, you’ll get everything that you would get from streaming from you mobile device or computer. Along with access on the Switch, the Switch version is also compatible with 360 videos. You can work YouTube with the Switch’s main buttons and left joysticks. Also, the touchscreen for the handheld mode works most of the time, which you will be able to easier search and click on videos. The touchscreen capabilities are still non existent for Hulu but it is mostly compatible with YouTube except for swiping down and up.


YouTub is working hard to find different ways that their platform can be used with Nintendo’s hardware. Currently, you are not able to use the joystick on the right side to look through the app as it only works for 360 videos.

Just like any other device, people who have Switches can sign in with a Google account to look through your videos, videos that are recommended to you, and your favorite YouTubers. You are also able to watch the movies that you purchase from YouTube even if it is not the most ideal way to watch a long movie.

A lot of people are curious with the addition of YouTube to the Nintendo Switch, when will Prime Video or Netflix arrive to the Switch. A lot of video platforms are not available on the Nintendo Switch, but with this new addition, there will be more of chance for companies to bring their platform to the Switch.

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