YouTube Plans To Let Subscribers Pay Creators Directly

Currently, YouTube is in beta testing to allow Premium subscribers to gift their favorite content creators with a new Super Chat feature. YouTube plans to allow subscribers to gift $2 every month.

Ryan Wyatt, also known as Fwiz, is currently head of gaming at YouTube and has confirmed that this new feature is something that they want to provide their subscriber base. Testing for the new feature is planned to run all the way until the end of May. Many hints at the plan have lead people to believe that each Premium subscriber will be able to gift $2 a month to their favorite creators. If subscribers are interested in upgrading their current plan, the cost of Premium currently cost $11.99.


The description of Super Chat reads, “Your free Super Chat will refresh on the 1st day of every calendar month, but it won’t accumulate.”

Launched in 2017, Super Chat is one of the largest initiatives that YouTube has created that allows creators to locate an alternative source making money apart from traditional revenue through advertisements running on their videos. However, Super Chat has only been available to larger creators that have at least 1,000 subscribers. Very similarly to Twitch, subscribers are allowed to pay a set amount of money in order for a content creator to respond to a question they have in chat or have a message show up on top of a live stream.

According to a YouTube spokesperson, “Super Chat is a relatively new feature — it’s a small but growing source of revenue for some creators, and we are re-examining our policies in light of these edge cases.”

Putting some of the instances aside, Super Chat has become a very popular way for content creators to use the platform. The reason for YouTube pushing this gifting feature is a way to incentivize default subscribers to begin upgrading to Premium. This model is very similar to Twitch’s Prime subscription that allows subscribers to gift a free subscription to their favorite streamer. Currently, this beta testing is only occurring in the United States.

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