YouTube To Exclusively Stream MLB Games

The wait of YouTube to begin stream Major League Baseball games is long overdue. Recently, it was announced that YouTube will exclusively stream 13 games for the second half of this MLB season. The announcement on which games will be broadcasted yet are still unknown but this shows that professional sports leagues are trying to build their viewership past traditional methods and begin streaming their games on different well known apps. For the 13 games that will be streamed, YouTube will have sole rights for those in Puerto Rice, Canada, and the US. Viewers will be able to access the streams on MLB’s main YouTube page that will show their own YouTube TV that people will be able to subscribe to for $50 a month.

While this news is very exciting, it does not mean that MLB.TV will start worrying that YouTube will take their space. This is because 13 games out of a MLB season is very minuscule when comparing it to a 162-game MLB season. YouTube is planning to start the streaming after the All Star Game break.


To allow fans an easy transition, the games will still be produced by MLB Network. According to the companies press release, “all 13 matchups will include a pre-game and post-game show and contain MLB- and YouTube-themed content, with some of the highly popular YouTube creators scheduled to be part of the action,” However, which content creators will be involved in this schedule is still unknown.

YouTube having these games stream on their platform exclusively means that these games will not be able to be watched on MLB.TV or any other TV network within the US, Puerto Rico, and Canada. Major League Baseball and YouTube have had a great relationship so far. In 2018, MLB’s channel had around 1.25 billion views and YouTube TV began having MLB Network last year.

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