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YouTube To Rework YouTube Kids App

YouTube is in the works to launch a version of YouTube kids app that is non-algorithmic in the future as it tries to keep away for accidentally recommending graphic or questionable content to children. The newer version of this app will also restrict certain videos from specified channels in which group of YouTube human curators will keep track of.

The decision to rework the YouTube Kids app has yet to be announced, however, it comes with growing concern after the media company’s algorithm regarding suggested videos has been suggesting people to more increasingly inappropriate videos. Recently, it was said that the app has been suggesting kids to view videos that were related to conspiracy theories or misinformed videos about if aliens exist, the moon landing, or the shape of the Earth.


The company has tried very hard in order to be more strict on videos that try to expoit children for views, such as adding human moderators that scan the platform, impose an age restriction for flagged content, and simply removing ads from many videos. In order to fight against misinformed videos, YouTube made an announced in March that it would use Wikipedia in order to check certain videos that were thought to be discussing conspiracy theories. However, Wikipedia came back and stated that they were never informed of YouTube’s decision.

It has not yet been announced when the newer version of this YouTube Kids app will be introduced, however, it was reported that the choice to switch to the non-algorithmic, whitelisted version will an option for parents and would most likely be arriving as quickly as the current month. A YouTube representative never denied the news in a statement made earlier this week. The statement that was made mentioned that YouTube was working diligently in order to improve and update YouTube Kids but they did not want comment on a speculation or rumor.

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