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Automatically Set Yourself To CC On Galaxy S9 E-mail

This is a guide on how to make your email address to automatically show up in the CC field, whenever you’re sending an email from your Samsung Galaxy S9. Perhaps you’ve heard about it before and even used the option yourself once or twice. Or perhaps you don’t know what that means and why you’d want to make such an automatic change. Regardless of your situation, have a little patience and go through the essentials of the CC function – you won’t regret it.


First Of All, A Few Words On The Terms

The CC option is sitting next to the BCC option within your email app. As you must suspect, the two of them are related, just like the names suggest. If CC is the abbreviation for Carbon Copy, BCC stands for Blind Carbon Copy. Obviously, knowing what carbon copy is, you will also have a better clue on what this function means when applied to your virtual text messages.


In a nutshell, the CC function does, when sending emails, what the carbon copy makes when writing on a piece of paper with a sheet of carbon paper underneath it and another piece of paper at the bottom. Basically, whatever you write on the first page will show up on the second page, as your pen is pushing against the carbon paper and transferring it onto the other paper.

So, just like that carbon paper spares you from having to write the same text on two different papers, the CC function spares you from having to copy the content of that email into a new email draft and send it to another person.


How To Use CC/BCC Option On Galaxy S9 Emails?

By now, you should know that using the CC/BCC option implies adding an email address into that field. When you do so, the email app knows that the same message will be sent not just to the person from the destination field, but also to the person from the CC field.

In case you’re wondering what’s the BCC option for, well, it is designed to hide from the original receiver the fact that the message was sent to other people as well. In other words, if you only fill in the CC field, all the persons who will get the message will know exactly to what other addresses the message was delivered. If you use the BCC, none of them will have a clue about what you did.


In order to use it, you should:

  1. Launch the email app and hit the More button, selecting your account (in case you’re using more than one account on the same phone);
  2. Find the Always Set Me To CC/BCC option and activate it;
  3. Leave the email settings and start typing your message.

From this moment on, you should already see your email address filled within the CC/BCC field, depending on the option that you have enabled. As suggested, this will happen to all your future messages, since you’ve found out how to automatically set yourself to CC within the Samsung Galaxy S9 email app.

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