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Automatically Set Yourself To CC On Samsung Galaxy S9 E-mail

Have you ever received an email from someone who was also on the recipients’ list? Were you curious why would the sender do such a thing, whether he’s emailing from a PC or from a smartphone? With your new Samsung Galaxy S9, perhaps the time has come to better understand this common email feature and, if you enjoy it, to start using it for yourself.

When you send an email from your dedicated app, you will notice that there are three boxes where you can type the email address. The first one is simply labeled as “To” and it’s where you’ll type the first email address. But then you also have the CC and BCC options, which stand for Carbon Copy and Blind Carbon Copy. Whatever address you add in the CC field, the app will create a copy of your email and send it not just to the person labeled within the To field, but also to the one from CC. The name was chosen with reference to the physical carbon sheet placed between two papers for automatically copying on the second paper whatever you write on the first paper.


Long story short, you can use the CC field to add your own address to the recipients’ list. And if you don’t want your receiver to know that you too got a copy of it, you can use the BCC option, which will keep the replication invisible for the initial contact.

Now, our topic for today was how to automatically set yourself to CC, just in case you want to make a habit of this option, with all the emails you’ll be sending from now on. As suggested above, you can always do this manually, but why bother when you can make a small tweak and keep this option active by default?


If you want to make it all automatically, simply head to the settings of your email app and find the option “Always set me to CC/BCC”. Once you check its box, you will no longer have to bother with it.

  1. So, launch the email app;
  2. Go to the More menu;
  3. Tap on Settings;
  4. Tap on the account you’re planning on editing;
  5. Find the Always Set Me To CC/BCC option;
  6. Tap on it and next, tap on either the CC or the BCC Mail option (because you can activate both of them from the same place);
  7. And leave the settings, composing your first email.


Beginning with that email that you will compose after you automatically set yourself to CC, you will see that the email app from your Samsung Galaxy S9 will add your email address within the CC field every time you hit the Compose button. When the email is delivered, you will get it in your inbox as well!

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